General FAQ

Buildertrend integration comes in 3 options: contact form, login button and login button with video. In your Buildertrend Marketplace, you selected one or more of these options. Code has been prepared specifically for your company, and is included in your email.

This is completely up to you! You can place it wherever works best for your company – create a new page just for the login button, or place it on an existing page (such as the bottom of your home page).

Each website is created differently. But most Online website editors (such as WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, etc.) make it easy to add HTML code. You will need to find the tool within your website editor that will allow you to add HTML code to your site. You can usually find an HTML editor or code block in your tools. This is usually amongst other options of items to add such as text, photographs, links, etc. Usually if you find this symbol </>, that is the tool you will need. You may click on the logo for your website builder below, that will take you to their help section.

If you decide that you would like Buildertrend to look into adding the provided code to your website for you, you will need to respond to your email with the link to your website editor, along with the username/email and password to it. Buildertrend will do this free of charge!

Unforunately no, these platforms do not allow for HTML to be added directly to these sites.