Contact Form

HTML code for your customized contact form. It looks like this (use the code from your account, DO NOT use this code)

<!-- Form -->
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<iframe src="" scrolling="no" id="btIframe" style="background:transparent;border:0px;margin:0 auto;width:100%;"></iframe>
<!-- /Form -->

Our code is an iframe, this is the only way for the integrations to work. This means that any third party script or code cannot be applied directly to the contact form.

While Buildertrend does not have an open API, we do currently integrate with Hubspot. Integrations with Salesforce and Pipedrive are coming soon. You can check on all options from your Buildertrend Marketplace.

Your contact form is designed to match your branding or the current style of your website, if we had that available (below is just an example for reference, this is NOT your contact form).

We are somewhat limited, but can make some changes.

For color changes, please respond to your email you received with hex values of the items you’d like to change.
For fonts, we use Google Fonts, so you can respond to the email with the name of the font you’d prefer to use.
For fields changes, please see below.

Yes! You can edit your Buildertrend contact form in your account under Sales > Lead Opportunities > Add Contact Form to Website button.
There, you can create custom fields, select and remove fields that you want to display on your form, and rename fields.
Saving your changes there also updates any instances of your Buildertrend form.

Note: Custom fields can also be created under Company Settings > Leads > Lead Opportunity Custom Fields. To add them to the form, that can only be done within the “Add Contact Form to Website” feature

You cannot change the data type of a custom field once created (Example from text box to dropdown). You can however, create a new custom field as needed and we can swap the fields out on the form.

Options within a custom field (dropdown, multi-select dropdown) can be changed by going to the same area they’re created (see above), clicking on the field, and making adjustments as needed.

No, we cannot change the confirmation message.

Yes. You will need to respond to your email with the URL of the webpage you would like the form to redirect to.

No, changes are made from your Buildertrend account. Once the code is on your site, changes can be made at any point, and are reflected automatically on your website.

No, tracking cannot be applied directly to the form.  We suggest that the form redirect feature be utilized (see above).  The tracking code can be applied to the webpage that you have the form redirect to.

Yes, you can edit who receives new lead emails or push notifications in their user settings (Your initials > Your Name > Notifications > Sales).  Please contact your Buildertrend coach or support if you have questions.

Once you have added the code to your website and check that it looks correct, you are done!  Now your leads will flow directly into Buildertrend!  If you have questions on using the leads portion of Buildertrend, please contact your Buildertrend coach or support and they can demonstrate in detail how this feature works!

Unfortunately no, we provide one customized form per Buildertrend account.  You can place your form on more than one page/location, but it will be the exact same form – meaning same fields and styling.